Wednesday, May 28

New and Improved! Flash Freebie!!

Many of you have read about how I teach math in my classroom. Math rotations are my favorite part of everyday! Well, my rotations are now new and improved!! I have added a fourth rotation for 2 reasons. Numbero uno... the new rotation is write about math because explaining and proving your answers is such an important aspect of common core and of student understanding! I want my students writing about their math problems and using math vocabulary each and every day. Numbero dos... unfortunately we are having a little money crisis here in Oklahoma... any one else?... and my district had to cut back on teachers, which means.... bigger class sizes. Booo! So with 26-28 kiddos in my room next year, I have to have more groups so that they are still effective. But even with a smaller class size, can you imagine how wonderful even smaller groups could be??

Math Rotations

I am lucky enough to be presenting at a district workshop tomorrow on this very topic! Wish me luck! My btf (best teaching friend) Darin, who is A-MAZ-ING is presenting with me. I wanted to share our slides with you all in case they could be of help!

I also want to give as many of my new product away as possible!! So... flash freebie! Ready... set... go! It will be free through Friday evening... so don't wait!

Teach On!

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