Thursday, August 18

Fresh Starts

Well tomorrow is our first day of school and I thought it would be great to start off the school year with a post. Keeping up with my blog is definitely a new year resolution. Many things have changed over the summer...

1. I have moved to a new state...
OOOOOklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...
... this means new standards and curriculum... not to mention that
Oklahoma will be switching to Common Core in the next 3 years... more \
on that in a later post.
2. New school... I am so excited about my new school. It feels like heaven!
3. New apartment and roommate... Living with my best friend has been such
a blast. We are actually working on starting a joint blog. I'll share
right when it's launched. No worries.
4. New GRADE! That's right, I have left second grade and moved up in the
world to THIRD! A testing grade! I know I'm up for the challenge, but I
will definitely need some support!

New New New New New and I'm sooo excited about it all!

Tomorrow I will be posting classroom pics. I also have a new center idea and some classroom management ideas and printables to share in the near future. Feels good to be back! Happy New School Year everyone!!