Friday, May 30

Five for Friday Linky Party

Today is my first official, nothing to do, no where to be, day of summer! So what do I do? Make plans with everybody and fill my day with a pedicure, cook outs, and dinner with friends. But isn't that what summer is about? Here are my five for a SUMMER Friday!

Drinking coffee out of a regular mug and not a travel mug. Oh the little things. ;)

Summer reading for pleasure...

Summer reading for school...

Pedicure! I'm thinking something like this...
from Pinterest

Lastly... cook out! I am making Apple Salad Snickers Salad. Here are the ingredients. 
Your mouth is watering already... I know it. :)

I'm really getting into the whole Instagram thing... a tad behind, I know... but I need some new followers and I would love if you would follow me! So I'll make a deal... follow me and I'll follow you right back!

Teach On!

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  1. I have never heard of Snickers Salad! It sounds deadly!! That pedicure is cute! Have you tried the Jamberry wraps? They have some cute Chevron designs ;)