Saturday, March 26

{Word Work Sheets}

Word Wall Words Activities

Wow, this is one of the first pages I ever made! It looks so simple now with all the fonts I've recently become obsessed with. Haha. But it still works great! :)

This is the Word Wall Activity sheet that I use each week. I use this time to have my students practive their Word Wall, or Sight, Words for the week as well as do some phonological awareness activities. This is what a typical weeks activities look like:

Monday - Put this weeks sight words in alphabetical order
Tuesday - Rhyming words
Wednesday - "Word Detectives" I give them clues to which word wall word I'm thinking of (from all of our words from the year, not just this weeks). It would sound something like this... "I'm thinking of a verb. This verb has one silent letter. If I changed the "t" in talk to a "w", I would have this word. My word is... walk!! 
Thursday - Use your word wall words in a sentence. 
Friday - Students are assessed on their ability to spell the words and use them in a sentence on their spelling test. 

This is just an example, every week looks a little different. That's why I like the flexibility of this sheet.

Spelling Tic Tac Toe Homework

Here is my weekly spelling homework. I change out the activities every few weeks. This is just my regular list, I also have a challenge and modified list. The activities are a little different on these version as well. Make sure you download the text version so you can change it and use it in your classroom!

Hope these are useful! Have a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, March 22

{Non-Fiction Features Assessment}

I wanted to test adding a pdf file, so here is the assessment I plan to give at the end of my non-fiction unit. Enjoy! .... Well, if it works! ;)

Non- Fiction Features Test

{Spring Time Flowers...}

Happy Spring everyone! The last season before.... that's right.... SUMMER!

Of course, in order to celebrate spring appropriately, we are currently studying plants and non-fiction features. Today we discussed the parts of the plant (1st grade review) and then discussed the functions of each part. Next, each student created their own flower! They turned out soooo cute!

They look so festive lined up in our hall! I have to give credit to my girl and co-second grade diva,  Mrs. Acklen, this was totally her activity, as most of mine are!

While we study plants in science we are integrating reading as well and learning about non-fiction text features. Yesterday we began by comparing and contrasting fiction and non-fiction.

The activity is from the wonderful Lesson Plan SOS Teachers! As we get further into this non-fiction adventure I'll post more!

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 21

{Literacy Centers}

My literacy centers have been a total work in progress all year. My poor kids probably don't realize that in some classrooms centers look the same from week to week. But, I think I've found something that I like... for now. :) Since I had this struggle, I figured other teachers might too, so I wanted to share. This is my own adaptation of The Daily Five strategies.  

We use our buddies during mini-lessons and carpet time as well as during center time. The groups are their reading groups that I pull during center time. I have 8 centers that include:

*Independent Reading
*Buddy Reading
*Word Work

Each center has a Can Do paper, which gives my students the options for that center. I try and give them 4-5 options and rotate them every couple weeks or so. But honestly, changes in activites is pretty sporadic. I really just add things I love as I see them on a blog! :)

My reading groups are based on my students reading levels and the skills they need work on. Because of this, buddies are also on similar reading levels. I love that this allows the students to read the same books during buddy reading and work together without one child pulling the other along. I don't love this because I think it lacks the scaffolding that would push the student on a lower reading level if I had my buddies mixed. So... I just try mix groups in other activities throughout the day. My students work with their buddies only during centers. I meet with one group during every 10-12 minute center, at least I try. I usually get to 2 or 3.

Please let me know if there are any activities you are interested in for a specific center. I would love to share, but it would be crazy to try and post them all! Please let me know about your great center set-up!

For now... 

Keep Calm and Teach On!!

Tuesday, March 15

{Welcome to Teach On}

Welcome to Teach On. I have been inspired to create my own blog by one of my favorite teaching philosophies: 

Steal, Cheat, and Borrow!

I hope to share all of the great teaching activities and strategies I collect from fellow bloggers as well as my beloved co-workers. I might even create a few to share myself. ;)

Stay tuned! Hopefully, there is greatness to follow!