Monday, March 21

{Literacy Centers}

My literacy centers have been a total work in progress all year. My poor kids probably don't realize that in some classrooms centers look the same from week to week. But, I think I've found something that I like... for now. :) Since I had this struggle, I figured other teachers might too, so I wanted to share. This is my own adaptation of The Daily Five strategies.  

We use our buddies during mini-lessons and carpet time as well as during center time. The groups are their reading groups that I pull during center time. I have 8 centers that include:

*Independent Reading
*Buddy Reading
*Word Work

Each center has a Can Do paper, which gives my students the options for that center. I try and give them 4-5 options and rotate them every couple weeks or so. But honestly, changes in activites is pretty sporadic. I really just add things I love as I see them on a blog! :)

My reading groups are based on my students reading levels and the skills they need work on. Because of this, buddies are also on similar reading levels. I love that this allows the students to read the same books during buddy reading and work together without one child pulling the other along. I don't love this because I think it lacks the scaffolding that would push the student on a lower reading level if I had my buddies mixed. So... I just try mix groups in other activities throughout the day. My students work with their buddies only during centers. I meet with one group during every 10-12 minute center, at least I try. I usually get to 2 or 3.

Please let me know if there are any activities you are interested in for a specific center. I would love to share, but it would be crazy to try and post them all! Please let me know about your great center set-up!

For now... 

Keep Calm and Teach On!!


  1. Hi! I just started following your blog and I love it! Such great ideas! I too am having difficulty finding a center routine I like (I teach first grade) And I really like how you have organized yours. I was hoping you could share some of your activities in comprehension, vocab, and word work. thanks! :)

  2. Same here! I'm in kinder and woul love to see your station activities!!

  3. Hi,

    Where did you find your Daily 5 cards to tell the students the order that they work in? I love how you have this set up. It's the best way I've found so far! Thanks for sharing your ideas :) I appreciate them!

  4. I totally love the way you have these set up!! thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Where can I purchase your station cards and colored group names??

  6. I just found your blog...thanks so much for sharing your ideas. :) Where can I purchase your station cards and color-coded group cards? TIA