Tuesday, March 22

{Spring Time Flowers...}

Happy Spring everyone! The last season before.... that's right.... SUMMER!

Of course, in order to celebrate spring appropriately, we are currently studying plants and non-fiction features. Today we discussed the parts of the plant (1st grade review) and then discussed the functions of each part. Next, each student created their own flower! They turned out soooo cute!

They look so festive lined up in our hall! I have to give credit to my girl and co-second grade diva,  Mrs. Acklen, this was totally her activity, as most of mine are!

While we study plants in science we are integrating reading as well and learning about non-fiction text features. Yesterday we began by comparing and contrasting fiction and non-fiction.

The activity is from the wonderful Lesson Plan SOS Teachers! As we get further into this non-fiction adventure I'll post more!

Happy Spring!


  1. Your fiction and non-fiction Venn diagram looks greats!!! :)
    Lesson Plan SOS Teachers