Tuesday, March 15

{Welcome to Teach On}

Welcome to Teach On. I have been inspired to create my own blog by one of my favorite teaching philosophies: 

Steal, Cheat, and Borrow!

I hope to share all of the great teaching activities and strategies I collect from fellow bloggers as well as my beloved co-workers. I might even create a few to share myself. ;)

Stay tuned! Hopefully, there is greatness to follow!


  1. I'm so excited you started your own BLOG!!!! You have got me hooked on BLOG'S... now I'll be hooked on yours... FOLLOW THIS BLOG EVERYONE.. I KNOW IT WILL GROW INTO GREATNESS !!! love. ESL

  2. I live by the beg, borrow, cheat, steal motto as well! Can't wait to read your blog :)

  3. Welcome to the addiction of blogging!!! I just started a couple weeks ago and I can't get enough. I just need more time in the day!! By the way I love your Keep Calm and Teach motto!!


    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  4. YAY your blog is super cute and it is nice to have a fellow Texan (and neighbor...I am in Universal City) in blogville!!! WELCOME

  5. Howdy! I'm on a hunt for second grade blogs this summer...There are so many sites, but I'm trying to KEEP CALM. Glad I found your blog! I hope you'll visit mine: http://abcsofreading.blogspot.com/
    P.S. Born in San Antonio and I'm a cowgirl at heart.