Sunday, June 1

June Currently!

June! Is it sad that I feel summer is already slipping away?!? I need to enjoy the moment a little more!

Thanks to Farley for hosting this fun linky! It's my first one!

Listening... I watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction with the hubs the other night and now I am totally on a Cat Stevens, Nirvana, Hall & Oats kick!

Loving... I just started reading The Women of Duck Commander and I love this family more with every page turn. I know lots of people have different opinions, but I love how open and real this family is about their faith.

Thinking... summer, summer, summer!!

Wanting... We are not going on a real vaca this summer but to visit my family (which is totally an awesome vaca, don't get me wrong). I really want to plan a short little fun something. Unfortunately, we are in OK and there aren't many awesome weekend getaways you can drive to from here. Maybe someone can help me get creative! I'd love a fun weekend with hubs!

Needing... Anyone want to buy a house??? ;)

Summer Bucket List... I need to learn how to read and treadmill at the same time... that would really help me out!

Happy summer everybody!

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  1. I need to figure out the treadmill and reading trick, too! Or maybe I should be outside with an audio book playing on an app!!

    Good luck with your house sale!

  2. The feeling of not setting an alarm is awesome isn't it? Good luck selling the place!

    I've tried the reading and treadmill thing and almost fell haha. I'm going to try watching a movie/tv show on netflix on my phone (or listening to an audiobook) and a treadmill. Hopefully that goes well!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  3. Good luck selling your house. Don't you just hate having to keep it immaculate while it's on the market? Enjoy your summer!

  4. Good luck with your vacation and also selling your house. I moved last month and I am now settled into my new home.