Saturday, April 2


We studied homophones last week and in while in the spring spirit we made some kites! It was a simple, fun acitivy that turned out so cute... in my opinion.

They wrote a homophone pair on each piece of the kite, with an illustration of each on the diamond shape. I wanted to hang them from the ceiling, but they were just too small. :( The bulletin board is not a disappointment though!

Sorry about the lighting. The sun was hitting the hallway strangely.
The pair of homophones on the diamond is "moose" and "mousse."
"buy" and "bye"

This could be applied to many other phonics/grammar areas, such as contractions.

Enjoy your weekend and then.... TEACH ON!


  1. Just found your blog & I love it. :) I am now a follower.

    Ms. M

  2. I just found your blog too. Those are so cute!